it isn't particularly about pottery, but this is the question I've been circling the last few months

Basic assumptions


Human civilization is completely dependent on this one planet, this one complex, beloved, and tiny dot in the vast universe.  


We, the people gathered and scattered all over this globe, are all connected by this fundamental dependency. 


The food and water that keep each of our bodies breathing come from forests and fields and oceans and aquifers and valleys and rivers and orchards in particular places on this one complex, beloved and finite planet. 


The economy that built our farms and schools and houses and dreams and brings water and food to keep our bodies breathing doesn’t know that this complex and beloved planet is actually finite.


The technology made possible by this very same economy is saying very loudly in measurements and maps that we have found the clear and actual edges of this complex and beloved planet.  


And the fuel for the strength and power of technology and the economy that always grows has all along been quietly adding to our atmosphere.


The added atmosphere collects more light from the sun, and more of the energy remains on this globe, changing the movement of water and heat around our one beloved and complex planet, changing our weather patterns. 


The more fuel we use, the more substantial the change, and the atmosphere already circulating around us can absorb enough energy to shift the rhythm and features of our seasons still further from the pattern we were born into.  


We, the people alive in this moment, did not choose the starting conditions for the economies, societies, and ecosystems we were born into. 


Our particular starting points have shaped who we each are in this moment, and as we live and breathe and work and love, we each shape our shared future. 


The children we love, the children gathered and scattered all over this planet, and all the people born the tomorrow after tomorrow will inherit the sticky physical and emotional imprint of our actions and decisions.




What do our dreams look like, when we stop and wonder?