favorite resources for working with clay

  • Pottery on the Wheel by Elsbeth S. Woody has great black and white photographs and delightful writing. 
  • The Basics of Throwing by David Cohen has great cut-away views showing hand positions while throwing. 
  • I knew I was a pottery addict when I started staying up way too late watching videos on Simon Leach's channel. So many great demos.

favorite glaze resources

  • glazecalculator.com lets you create an account to store the recipes for your favorite glazes, and does an approximate calculation of the chemical composition, coefficient of expansion, etc. I've found it very helpful as I've looked for recipes for clear glazes that don't craze on my favorite porcelains.
  • Digitalfire has some great reference materials and their recipes are throughly tested and documented.
  • Mastering Cone 6 Glazes by John Hesselberth and Ron Roy is a great introduction. Most of our studio glazes come from this book.  
  • The Ceramic Spectrum by Robin Hopper has some of the best information on color development I've been able to find.
  • Glazes for the Self Reliant Potter by Henrik Norsker and James Danisch is the only publication that I've been able to find that talks much about the underlying chemistry of the glazes. If anyone knows a way to buy a hard copy, let me know. 

pottery inspiration

  • I was lucky to have Michael Pappas as my first pottery teacher when I signed up at Hinckley Pottery. He makes amazing woodfired pots – beautifully earthy shapes. 

  • Ayumi Horie is a master on so many levels. I had the good fortune to attend her workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in May 2013.

  • Studio Kotokoto carries a curated collection of exquisite ceramics. I always come away inspired.

  • I love Diana Fayt's hand drawn illustrations and her bold use of color.

favorite blogs

  • This Artist's Life was the first pottery blog I discovered (sadly, after I'd already moved away from Berkeley). 
  • Smitten Kitchen is my go to source for desserts and cakes, even though I have a stack of cookbooks collecting dust in the kitchen.
  • Brain Pickings always has an interesting article or three on creativity.
  • And since I check it daily for new articles, Fast Company belongs on this list, too.

favorite artists

  • I discovered Alexis Rockman while living in DC, and was so transfixed, I kept coming back to his 2010/2011 "A Fable For Tomorrow" exhibition at the American Art Museum.
  • My older sister introduced me to Emily Carr. Her autobiography is spare and beautifully observed, and her landscapes capture an almost tangible sense of place. I love the title of this painting almost as much as the work itself.